Society of American Magicians
New Orleans, Louisianna
National Convention July 12-15, 2001

The following pictures are available:

Dorrie with Norm Neilsen
Ali Bongo
Taylor Martin, Kat Lovell, Debbie Martin
Marc DeSouza with his fianc‹e and the Martins
Our Regional VP Bruce Kalver
Marc DeSouza at his lecture, with R. G. Smith and Merryl Snyder
Aldo Colombini at his lecture
Thursday night show: Tom Ogden, about to do the sword-thru-neck on Elliot Sanchez
Thursday night show: Fred Becker and "Wild Jerry"
Friday morning lecture: "Skilldini"
Dorrie outside the Court of Two Sisters
Friday afternoon lecture: The Beckers
PNP Loren Lind, Fairmont Hotel lobby
Dallas, Gorham and Cyprian, FH lobby
PNP Bob Steiner, FH lobby
"Andrea Merlyn", FH lobby
Officers, National Council meeting
Schindler and Fujiyama, NC meeting
PNPs Lind and Andrews, NC meeting
PNP Jacobs inducted into Hall of Fame, NC meeting
Saturday morning lecture: Tom Ogden
Contest winners:
Danny Hill, Dustin Spence--Genii
Eric Evans--Mystic Craig
Shawn Farquhar--Jim Z Close-up
Joe Cole--Originality
Phillip Kaiser--Invitation to Japan
Danny Hill, Jr. Stage runner-up
Winston Helling, Jr.--Jr. stage
Richard Forget--Sr. Stage
Igor--Close-up runner-up
Joe Cole and Shawn Farquhar--Close-up
Saturday night
Andie Colombini as "Madame Zola"
Greg Frewin in the theater lobby
Franz Harary, Late Night talk
Franz with Ali Bongo