The Society of American Magicians
Bill Greenough Assembly #21

1931 Outing Photo

We received this photo of Assembly 21's 1931 outing from Ann Myrece James.

Front row, L-R: Mrs. Ora Rullman, Mrs. Edith Logan, Mrs. Mary Schwartz (Ms. James' mother), Mrs. Margaret Weidaw, Miss Dorothy Weidaw, Mrs. Eva Silber, Mrs. Ernest Schieldge.
Middle row, L-R: Harry Stone, W. H. Carpenter, (President) Walter Schwartz (Ms. James' father), (National Council Secretary) Royal L. Vilas, (Vice-President) Ernest K. Schieldge (aka Don Rogers).
Back row, L-R: Robert Weidaw, Ernest Dechant, Louis G. Duell, Phil H. Dalee.
Photo by Fred E. Simon

Our thanks to Thom Dunlap who found the identifying information in the 8/20/31 issue of The Sphinx.