The Society of American Magicians
Bill Greenough Assembly #21

Our membership

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Brad Beady
(no picture) Vice President
(currently open)
Dana Ring
Soll Levine

Henry Andrzejczyk (No picture yet) Kevin Aust
Jon Cap Marlene Clark
David Edwards, Sr (no picture yet) David Edwards III
Charles Hayden Robert Killian, Jr.
Frank Lenna (no picture yet) Peter Lennis
Raymond Lorenzo John Marenholtz
David Margolin (no picture yet) Michael Michaels
Dan Sclare (no picture yet) Aaron Sherman
Norm St Laurent (photo pending) David A. Steele
Richard St Pierre Bob Teraila
Walt Umberfield Calvin Vinick
Dave Wright (no picture yet) Steve Wronker

Most photos by Steve Wronker.  Check the photo's Properties; if the name begins with "SW_", it's by Steve.